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Assalamualaikum. AHLAN WA SAHLAN to this blog. Do follow me :D


To Study The Abnormal is The Best Way of Understanding The Normal



A few days left. that's what i wanna stress out.  no more games, no more cinemas, no more shopping #hopefully  :P

20th jan 2013. registration day for mahallah. last sem, final year at cfsiium. most of my friends already pursued for bachelor's program and some of them already received their offer letter for degree. i feel so bad. really.. :'(  

before this, i've someone who wanna lend me his ears. but now. i don't need him. i'm not forever alone.
I have Allah. i can share with Him everything. and that's the best way we should do.

and for you (somebody) i hope u have a great life. thanks for the memories. i'll keep it in my heart.

Peace No War No Revenge  :)