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To Study The Abnormal is The Best Way of Understanding The Normal


singgah sebentar

 it's been a long time yg aku dah lama tak update blog ni. common issues yg jadi barrier and penyebab bg masalah ni ialah lots of assignment queued up, quizzes also in the line, tests as their back up and open houses are waving on me. as usual i'll try to keep on smiling even in deep in my heart i'm keep sighing.. o Allah help me and guide me.

last night, stay up after had a can of nescafe ice cold (mmg cool habis r). i know that so much caffein may harm our body system. but, what can i do in such critical hours that i have to finish all the homeworks in course physics2, math3 and also english ( akibat x exempted..naaa padan muka) at the same time. stressful gila kot.. tapi nk buat camne dah tanggungjawab aku as a student , berserah je la. but up to 3a.m hampir2 collapse jugak sebab pening kepala. as a reward, igtkan nk take a nap then wake up early..kononnya.. tapi hampeh.. bangun pon lambat nk study pekebendanya..  

ni salah satu graph study engineering students

tamat sudah. ada masa aku akan sambung. sekian  :)
doakan aku supaya boleh jawab kuiz saja je singgah sebentar just for having a break.

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